Woodchip in Croydon, Purley & Across Surrey | Versatile Wood Mulch Options

WJ Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd provides our domestic and commercial customers with a selection of premium-quality wood mulch options. As an environmentally conscious company, we aim to recycle as much waste material generated from our tree surgery services as possible. As part of our environmental policy, we take removed tree parts or segments and put them through a woodchip machine, reducing them to wood chips with a maximum diameter of six inches. Whether we work on sites in our hometown of Coulsdon, or any other neighbouring Surrey area like Croydon, Banstead, Caterham or Purley, we can safely say that we keep waste material to an absolute minimum.

Our wood mulch options come in the following loads:

  • Jumbo Woodchip Bulk Bag - £60 a bag. Minimum order 2 bags. Local Delivery.
  • Up to 6m³ Loose Tipped from a 3.5 Tonne GVM Tipper Lorry - £90. Local Delivery.
  • Up to 35m³ Loose Tipped from a High-Sided 8-Wheel 32 Tonne GVM Tipper Lorry - TBA

From Banstead to Croydon, and from Purley to Caterham, WJ Kent Tree Surgeons offers free delivery to Surrey locations within a 4-mile radius of our base in Coulsdon. Key territories for our company include Epsom, Redhill and Sutton. For more information regarding the price of our wood chips, or to arrange for a delivery to your property, please contact us.

The Benefits of Using Woodchip & Wood Mulch

Our wood chips have great versatility when it comes to landscaping. Below, we have listed some of the ways that our customers utilise theirs.

  • Laying across areas surrounding trees and plants
  • Creating a uniform layer for planting beds
  • Producing a rustic landscaping theme
  • Laying a safe surface for play areas
  • Woodland or garden pathway surfacing
  • Bio-fuel for woodchip stoves & boilers

No matter where our clients in Croydon or the neighbouring Surrey areas lay their wood chips, the benefits have been proven time and again.

The advantages of using wood mulch from WJ Kent Tree Surgeons include:

  • Improved Rainwater Interception – An additional layer of wood mulch atop the natural soil prevents heavy rainfall from splashing against it and washing it away
  • Reduced Surface Evaporation – A woodchip layer absorbs moisture, making efficient use of precipitation over a longer period when compared with soil
  • Soil Moisture Retention – Wood chips hold onto precipitation and naturally occurring moisture, slowly feeding it down to the soil over time
  • Reduced Weed Growth – The laying of wood mulch deprives weeds of the sunlight they need to flourish
  • No Need for Chemical Herbicides – With effective weed suppression, our clients in Croydon and the surrounding areas don’t need to use potentially harmful chemicals
  • Impressive Microorganism Breakdown – The conditions in a layer of wood mulch encourage the activity of advantageous soil organisms
  • Increased Soil Nutrient Levels – A layer of woodchip protects the soil from various damaging influences, thus increasing its nutrient holding capacity
  • Decorative Value – Wood chips not only look fantastic and fit almost every design scheme, they also resist compaction, maintaining their look for prolonged periods

In addition to our wood mulch, WJ Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd also provides log and firewood sales throughout Croydon, Banstead, Caterham, Purley and the wider Surrey area. We also make deliveries to locations such as Epsom, Redhill and Sutton.

To discuss our range of woodchip options, including free delivery in the local Surrey areas, call 020 8668 8362 or 07764 420 559.