Time-Served Tree Surgery in Purley | Reasons to Choose Us

Here at WJ Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering the complete service package to our domestic and commercial customers. We specialise in every aspect of tree surgery in the Purley area, from ongoing contracted tree care to priority tree felling of unstable species. Quite simply when it comes tree work, we do it all. What’s more, as an ethical company with sustainable goals, we run a waste management program that reclaims wood and timber from our tree removal and arboricultural work and recycles it in the form wood chips and seasoned logs.

With this ideal blend of dedicated customer service and an environmentally friendly approach, we continue to see our client list grow. In fact, a significant percentage of our business comes in the form of returning clients or as a result of their recommendations to family and friends.

For the benefit of every customer, be it new or returning, we have taken a closer look below at what makes us the trusted tree surgeons of choice.

Why Our Clients Choose Us for Tree Work

1. Experience

When it comes to tree surgery, property owners rightly want the peace of mind that comes with a vastly experienced company. Due to its nature of working at height and a range of heavy-duty machinery, tree work holds certain inherent risks.

WJ Kent Tree Surgeons holds more than 25 years of trade and industry experience in tree care and arboricultural work, making us the trusted choice for services like crown reductions, tree felling and stump and tree removal. During this time we have undertaken tree surgery services in locations of every size, dimension and terrain possible. As such, we have the ability to tailor our approach to suit any requirements presented to us by our clients in Purley.

2. NPTC Certification

When it comes to arboricultural work and tree care services, strict safety and outstanding workmanship have to go hand-in-hand. While it might be tempting to use a cut-price option, they ultimately end up as a false economy, especially without industry-leading certification from NPTC.

Documentation from the National Proficiency Tests Council demonstrates that we have had our abilities externally assessed and verified as safe and of the highest standards by tree work specialists. The results of tree surgery often remain visible for years to come, so it’s vital that Purley property owners choose tree surgeons that get it right first time, every time.

3. Environmental Policy

Like any reputable tree surgeons, we conduct our arboricultural work and tree care services with a focus on wasting as little material as possible. Whether we carry out stump or tree removal, tree felling or a crown thinning, we reclaim as much material as possible to sell on as wood chips and firewood, be it seasoned or unseasoned logs.

In regard to wood chips, we put the relevant material through a chipping machine that produces a mulch-like material. Individual wood chips created from this process have a maximum diameter of six inches. When it comes to firewood logs, we simply split superior timber before dry-storing them in a barn, allowing them to dry out naturally.

4. Comprehensive Services

Another reason behind our success in the Purley area remains the wide range of services we provide. While some tree surgeons offer an extensive range of tree surgery services, they often only specialise in a few. Here at WJ Kent Tree Surgeons, we take pride in every form of tree work we offer, with absolutely no compromise in the quality of our workmanship.

Whether our clients come to us for wood chips, seasoned logs, tree removal, tree felling or any other form of tree surgery, we work with 100% satisfaction as a priority. Considering the importance of tree care services and arboricultural work to a property, we wouldn’t think of offering anything less.

To discuss everything from tree felling to the delivery of wood chips and seasoned logs in Purley, call 020 8668 8362 or 07764 420 559.