Firewood & Seasoned Logs in Croydon & the Surrey Area

Here at WJ Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd, we operate as an environmentally friendly company with a dedication to 100% customer satisfaction. As such, we recycle a significant amount of materials from our tree surgery operations in the form of firewood and seasoned logs. Quite simply, we take every step possible to ensure that nothing goes to waste. We provide free delivery to customers in all Surrey areas within a 4-mile radius of our Coulsdon base, including locations such as Banstead, Caterham, Croydon, Purley, Reigate and Redhill.

If you need a trusted supplier of seasoned logs and firewood, WJ Kent Tree Surgeons has the perfect solution for your needs. We are now registered with the Defra-run “Ready to Burn” scheme, an initiative that makes it easy for end users to find cleaner fuel sources for burning at home.

Our company is always expanding into new territories, and we believe that a wider spread of arboricultural services can only be a good thing. Recently, we’ve increased our presence in more areas near to Coulsdon, including Epsom, Redhill and Sutton.

We sell our firewood in the following loads:

  • 1 x bulk bag of split seasoned hardwood logs £110
  • 1 x Barrow bag of split seasoned hardwood logs £50 per bag,
  • Up to 4 cubic mts of seasoned logs £150 per cubic mt (minimum order 2 cubic mts) (if we have stock)
  • Up to 4 cubic mts of semi seasoned logs £150 per cubic mt (minimum order 2 cubic mts)

Delivery is included locally to CR5 there will be an extra £20 minimum (to be assessed to deliveries further away).

For information regarding pricing or to schedule a delivery in Croydon or the wider Surrey area, please contact us on below details:
Phone number - 07764 420 559
Email -

Barrow Bag
Bulk Bag

The Importance of Seasoned Logs for Firewood

If you intend to use our logs as firewood in the near future, it’s important to select the seasoned variety. When it comes to producing a crisp, efficient fire, the moisture content of the firewood needs to be 20% or lower. Any moisture level above this will hinder the performance of a fire. Additional energy gets diverted away in an attempt to heat up and eliminate the excess moisture. The resultant fire not only has diminished heat, but also excessive levels of smoke.

Perhaps most importantly, it leaves our clients in Croydon, Banstead, Caterham, Purley and the wider Surrey area out in the cold. Compared with seasoned logs, unseasoned (or ‘green’) varieties have a moisture content as high as 60%. While unseasoned logs certainly have their uses, firewood isn’t one of them.

How are Logs Seasoned?

The process of seasoning logs starts with reclaiming premium cuts from our tree surgery work around Croydon and the Surrey area. For optimal seasoning, WJ Kent Tree Surgeons cuts the selected logs into smaller segments before dry storing them in a barn. If left to season as a whole log with the bark still attached, moisture will remain trapped under the surface, preventing a truly superior seasoning. By creating smaller pieces of firewood, we increase the overall surface area, giving our logs a greater opportunity to dry out.

To facilitate the air-drying process, we store firewood in a way that maximises air flow around the logs. The final amount of time the seasoning process takes depends on the species of wood at hand. Soft woods like pine and ash have a faster seasoning time, while hardwoods such as oak and apple have a higher density, and thus take a while longer.

An Environmentally Friendly Fuel

When compared with oil, coal or gas, the burning of seasoned logs offers our customers in Croydon, Banstead, Caterham, Purley and Surrey with a more environmentally friendly source of fuel. While burning firewood does release a certain amount of CO2, if it has been purchased from a sustainable supplier that plants new trees to replace felled ones, that same amount of CO2 gets reabsorbed as they grow. This makes the use of seasoned logs as a fuel a carbon-neutral process.

Whether our clients own a wood burner, a fire pit or a multi-fuel stove, they can rest assured that the firewood providing them with warmth isn’t negatively impacting on their local environment. WJ Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd also supplies woodchip and mulch from its yard in Coulsdon. Don’t forget that we are now spending more time in new territories locally.

For more on seasoned and unseasoned logs, as well as our other firewood options in the Surrey area, call WJ Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd on 020 8668 8362 or 07764 420 559.