Seasoned Logs, Firewood and Woodchip in Sutton

W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd recycles all arisings from its tree felling and tree surgery work in the Sutton area. We convert large timber waste into logs and firewood, and our team uses machinery to reduce smaller cuttings into woodchip (which homeowners can lay as a garden mulch). Should you require us to leave arisings onsite for future use, we can arrange this. If you would prefer us to take timber and green waste away with us when we leave, this never poses a problem.

Environmental sustainability is at the very heart of our business. While it’s understandable to think of tree felling as a negative service aspect, this is certainly not the case. In fact, felling is a surprisingly positive type of tree surgery, and one that protects healthy structures when we remove a diseased, decayed or damaged tree for an area.

Tree felling is very much a last resort for W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd, and we recommend reduction and thinning work to our Sutton customers whenever possible.

When we do have to remove a healthy tree, we recycle as much of it as possible. Anything that we can’t resell as logs, firewood or woodchip, such as green waste, goes to a recycling centre for composting. This is another beneficial aspect of using a professional tree surgery service, and one that has a positive impact on the environment.

Logs and Firewood

W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd has split and unsplit seasoned logs for sale, converted to use as firewood. We use traditional air-drying methods to season our logs, stacking them under open-ended covers to help reduce moisture content and control the potential spread of mould. Whereas demand for woodchip is higher in the summer, our firewood sells out sooner during the autumn and winter months.

We strongly advise homeowners in Sutton to order logs and firewood towards the end of the summer to guarantee a supply throughout the colder seasons.

Because our company derives firewood and woodchip direct from its tree felling and tree surgery work, prices compare well against those charged by traditional timber merchants. Wherever possible, we avoid adding timber with poorer burning qualities to our stack supply. W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd can deliver to the Sutton area in any quantity, and also accommodates personal collections from our yard in Coulsdon.


W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd also keeps a large stock of woodchip to support its seasoned log and firewood sales. Used as fresh chip or a mulch, woodchip suppresses weed growth and keeps beds and borders tidy. It also preserves moisture and releases nutrients into soil. This has significant benefits for older trees. A circle of woodchip, laid to the line of the canopy, slows down the natural decline of veteran tree health. It also has a positive impact on surrounding plant life.

Again, we can make deliveries of woodchip to the Sutton area but also welcome personal collections from our yard.

It’s important for tree felling operations to have some environmental benefits, and for tree surgery as an industry to always put back into the pot whenever we take something out. Because burning logs, firewood and woodchip is carbon-neutral, using them as a fuel source produces the same levels of carbon dioxide as leaving a tree to decay naturally in woodland.

For ethical tree felling and tree surgery services in Sutton, or to order firewood or woodchip, call W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd on 020 8668 8362 or 07764 420 559.