Tree Surgeons in Redhill | Services with a Positive Environmental Impact

At W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd, we care about the world that we live in and the welfare of our many customers, including those in Redhill. Trees play a pivotal role in environmental sustainability and we make this a key consideration in all areas of tree surgery. We understand that some people may see tree felling as a negative aspect of our work, but this is just a small representation of a wider service range that leaves as little as possible to waste.

In fact, most of the waste produced from tree felling and all formative types of tree surgery becomes a fuel source; either as seasoned logs and firewood for use on stoves, or as woodchip for use as a biomass fuel or even as a mulch.

Timber is a carbon-neutral fuel source and produces the same amount of carbon dioxide when burned as it does when left to decay naturally.

W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd minimises its impact locally, in Redhill and the surrounding areas, and globally, by taking positive action and reducing its carbon footprint. We also plan tree surgery operations, including tree felling, in ways that protect the ecosystem and native wildlife species.

Regulatory Compliancy

Our workforce meets current legal requirements for arboricultural and tree surgery work, and for the production of logs, firewood and woodchip. Legislative standards and codes of practice exist to minimise risk to our personnel, our customers, members of the public and wildlife habitats. W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd continually improves on its own environmental policy, responding positively to ideas and developments from governing bodies that legislate our sector.

Customers in Redhill can help us in the management of tree felling and formative pruning waste by purchasing logs and firewood as a primary heat source, and woodchip for their gardens. Green waste derived from our tree surgery services undergoes composting at licensed recycling facilities and our company operates with a waste disposal licence issued by the Environment Agency.

Habitats and our Carbon Footprint

The law protects nesting birds, their eggs and other wildlife species, such as bats, squirrels and badgers. W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd works inside the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and the Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000. Prior to tree felling and tree surgery operations in Redhill, or ahead of harvesting work in the processing of firewood and woodchip, we perform a habitat survey and look for the presence of any native species under lawful protection.

Tree felling is a last resort and our tree surgeons always encourage reduction ahead of removal.

All tree surgery operations minimise energy wastage, even when finding the most efficient route to Redhill from our home town of Coulsdon to perform work on your land. W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd uses biodegradable oils in chainsaws and stump grinders, and never leaves its machinery idling when not in use. We even correspond with our customers and partners by email and text message to promote a paperless office.

We plan our routes carefully when delivering logs, firewood and woodchip to Redhill and the surrounding areas, minimising fuel and oil use, and our long-term environmental impact on the planet as a whole.

For ethical tree felling in Redhill, or for eco-friendly tree surgery services, call W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd on 020 8668 8362 or 07764 420 559.