Woodchip & Firewood in Croydon | Sustainably Sourced Products

In our position as an environmentally conscious company, WJ Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd operates in accordance with our own demanding environmental policy. Quite simply, we aim to let nothing go to waste. As tree surgeons, we recognise that our work generates reusable waste material. With recycling and climate change more pressing concerns than ever before, we strive to reclaim and reuse all materials from our tree surgery services in Croydon and sell them on as woodchip bio fuels, wood mulch and various firewood logs.

For customers thinking of embracing more sustainable living, we have outlined below some of the benefits that come from our recycled wood products.

Advantages of Using Our Products

1. Wood Mulch

One of the primary reasons our clients love our wood mulch remains its visual appearance. When laid in gardens of any size or design, wood mulch fits in seamlessly, providing a timeless natural charm. What’s more, wood mulch retains this appeal for a prolonged period as it resists compaction from regular footfall and doesn’t get blown away easily by strong winds. As such, this makes it a popular choice for pathways and play areas in Croydon and beyond.

Aside from these practical and aesthetic benefits, wood mulch also offers outstanding performance qualities. When laid down in a layer approximately 2 inches deep, wood mulch protects the soil from harsh elements, inhibits weed growth and creates an environment for beneficial microorganisms to flourish.

2. Woodchips

While often utilised as a type of wood mulch, woodchip materials have plenty of other beneficial uses too. Woodchips contain a significant amount of carbon, making them ideal for building up soil. For property owners in the Croydon area with composting facilities, woodchips can be added as a carbon, or ‘brown’, layer. As they break down, they enrich the surrounding dirt with nutrients that can be used by plants.

Much like our firewood logs, woodchips also make for a great sustainable fuel. They have particular use as a fire starter material or as part of a small, controlled fire. In addition, any kind of woodchip product provides an ideal fuel for biomass reactors that power engines as well as providing heat.

3. Seasoned Logs

We primarily source our seasoned logs from tree surgery services in Croydon that involve tree felling. If in a healthy condition, we ensure that the tree simply doesn’t go to waste, so we break it down and season it to be used as logs for firewood. Naturally, the primary benefit here remains the continual recycling of renewable materials as an alternative of more harmful non-renewables.

Most logs used as firewood have a minimal amount of carbon within them. This means that, when burned, the carbon dioxide they release matches the amount that the tree itself would have absorbed. As an added benefit, when sourced from an ethical supplier that replaces any felled trees, the new ones absorb even more carbon dioxide as they grow. Not only does this reduce overall carbon dioxide levels, it also encourages sustainable woodland management.

As a reputable company, our customers can rest assured that we only procure our wood and timber from appropriate sources. We only ever conduct work on protected trees with written consent from the local planning authority.

If you’re interested in the use of wood mulch, woodchips or logs as firewood in the Croydon area, call 020 8668 8362 or 07764 420 559.