Tree Removal in Caterham | Improving Your Garden’s Aesthetics

As a team of tree surgery specialists sharing over 25 years of trade and industry experience, WJ Kent Tree Surgeons Ltd has seen time and again the impact our tree care services and arboricultural work has on garden aesthetics. From stump or tree removal to tree reductions, and from crown thinning to formative pruning, our tree work specialists find the ideal solution to suit the needs of our clients in Caterham. With the additional touch of sustainably sourced wood chips for a decorative yet highly practical touch, we have the ability to truly transform a garden.

For the benefit of clients considering their own garden project, from tree reductions to tree removal we have outlined below a small selection of ways in which our tree surgery services create safer, healthier and more visually appealing gardens.

Creating Better Garden Spaces

1. Stump and Tree Removal - Tree stumps and problem trees can have a surprisingly negative affect on gardens in the Caterham area. In regard to stumps, these eyesores not only pose an obvious trip-and-fall risk, they also attract bacteria and fungus as they decompose. Some of these diseases, such as honey fungus, have the potential to spread to otherwise healthy plants.

Likewise, trees can pose homeowners an array of issues. Old or diseased species might have become unstable and risk collapse, while others planted in the wrong location could extend root networks into problematic areas.

No matter the issue, WJ Kent Tree Surgeons assesses the situation and recommends the most appropriate form of stump or tree removal to move forward with. As reputable tree work specialists, our clients can rest assured that our stump and tree removal complies with all local authority planning limitations as well as BS 3998 (1989).

2. Tree Felling - As a form of tree removal, we carry out this kind of tree surgery in order to safeguard gardens and properties against hazardous trees. While most forms of tree removal can be carried out with time to consider options, tree felling represents a swift emergency alternative. In the aftermath of a storm, trees already weakened by old age or disease can be pushed to the brink of collapsing.

In these cases, we carry out sectional dismantling, a form of tree felling designed to protect properties in built-up areas like Caterham. This form of tree work optimises overall safety, but also ensures that gardens don’t suffer the severe damage inflicted by a falling tree.

3. Tree Reductions – This type of tree care service and arboricultural work comes in many forms. With a loose interpretation of tree reductions meaning to remove material from a tree, this includes crown thinning, reduction and lifting, as well tree surgery services like pollarding and formative pruning.

These forms of tree work can be carried out to improve sunlight transmission through the crown, to increase the amount light reaching the ground in the vicinity of a tree, to improve access or as part of ongoing maintenance work.

4. Laying Wood Chips – As tree surgeons, we aim to work with nature, not against it. As such, we strive to reuse as much material generated from our tree care services and arboricultural work in Caterham as possible. Quite simply, we want nothing to go to waste. As part of this environmental policy, we turn certain materials into wood chips for use in garden spaces.

Not only do wood chips provide a timeless rustic aesthetic that suits any garden design, they also provide an array of benefits. By retaining moisture, wood chips help to keep soil conditions moist for longer. In addition, this helps to increase the amount of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms too. But perhaps most importantly, wood chips also prevent soil erosion by acting as a protective layer against the elements.

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