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Tree Pruning

W.J. Kent Tree surgeons LTD recommend regular pruning to keep trees in the best possible condition. An experienced tree surgeon identifies the presence of pests and harmful diseases that cause damage and removes affected branches to preserve the remainder of the tree.

The importance of correct pruning should never be underestimated. If branches are cut too close to the trunk, or if wounds are left untreated, harmful pests, diseases and fungi invade to cause long-term damage.

By choosing W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons LTD, you’ll receive the best possible advice to keep your trees in a healthy condition all year round. We have extensive experience in treating all native and imported trees throughout the Surrey area.

Crown Reductions and Thinning

If you have a tree in your garden that blocks out light but you prefer not to remove it completely, you may wish to consider the alternative options of crown reduction and crown thinning.

With crown thinning, a fully trained tree surgery specialist selects and removes branches from the tree without changing the overall size or outline. Branch removal makes the foliage less dense and allows sunlight to permeate through thinner areas. The process creates additional light that helps woodland plants thrive.

Crown reductions retain the same density but the tree surgeon makes the outline more compact by reducing the height and the spread of branches.

Call us today on Freephone 08002 118362 for professional advice on crown reductions, pruning and pollarding.

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