Barkchip and Woodchip Sales

Free delivery to your door in the following areas:-

W.J. Kent Tree Surgeons can provide customers in Coulsdon and the surrounding Surrey area with barkchip and woodchip. We can provide free delivery direct to your door. Barkchip and woodchip supplied by our company is derived from our tree surgery work. Nothing goes to waste and our products provide customers with a wealth of benefits.

Woodchip mulch prices

Jumbo Bulk bag £45
Up to 4m3 loose tipped
(3.5 tonne GVW tipper lorry)
Larger load
up to 35m3 (a high sided 8 wheeler tipper lorry GVW 32 tonnes)


  • Perfect for trees, plants and beds
  • Great for soil improvement
  • Ideal for landscaping themes
  • Safe to use as play area surfacing
  • Garden or woodland pathway surfacing
  • Perfectly suited for ride surfacing
  • Bio-fuel for woodchip stoves and boilers


  • Improved Rainwater Interception
  • Soil Moisture Retention
  • Reduced Surface Evaporation
  • Reduced Weed Growth
  • No Need for Chemical Herbicides
  • Buffers Rot Zones from Extreme Temperatures
  • Great Microorganism Breakdown
  • Increases Soil Nutrient Levels
  • Enhanced Beneficial Symbiotic Mycorrhizal Associations
  • Reduces Mower and Strimmer Damage


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